The Red Sox World Series parade took a violent turn on Saturday after a large group of revelers staged an all-out brawl outside of a Boston bar.

The incident reportedly took place in the aftermath of the Red Sox World Series parade. Three people suffered nonlife-threatening injuries in a massive brawl outside of a Boston bar, local television station WCVB reports. The victims were reportedly taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Popular sports blog Barstool Sports obtained an exclusive video of the parade brawl. While the cause of the fight remains unclear, the video clearly shows the main perpetrators behind the incident.

The parade fight appeared to have started as a result of a disagreement between two groups of fans. At the start of Barstool Sports’ video, a fan in a green David Ortiz jersey argued with a man in a tan long-sleeve shirt. A man in a red T-shirt, who appeared to be a friend of the fan wearing the Ortiz jersey, jumped in and began throwing punches.

The fight quickly spilled into the street, where a man who attempted to break up the brawl was sucker-punched and knocked unconscious. During the course of the fight, at least three fans were knocked out cold.

The unidentified fans in the red T-shirt and green Ortiz jersey appeared to be at the center of the brawl and were responsible for several knockouts. The men can be seen fleeing the scene near the end of Barstool Sports’ video.

Boston police didn't reveal if they made any arrests in connection with the parade brawl, but told WCVB that they were able to clear the scene without additional incident.

[h/t Barstool Sports Boston]