An argument between tailgaters after Sunday’s football game between the San Diego Chargers and the Dallas Cowboys turned violent when a Cowboys fan was struck in the head by a beer bottle.

The violent altercation occurred on Sept. 29 right after the Chargers’ 30-21 victory over the Cowboys, NBC San Diego reports. A group of fans wearing Chargers and Cowboys jerseys argued in a parking lot of Qualcomm Stadium until two men were hit over the head with beer bottles.

The attack sent shards of glass flying through a crowd of bystanders, and at least one person had to be hospitalized with serious injuries. The entire Cowboys-Chargers fan brawl was caught on video.

NBC San Diego notes that a “verbal altercation” between Cowboys and Chargers fans intensified when an unidentified woman slapped a man across the face. As the Cowboys fan stepped forward to confront the woman, a Chargers man grabbed his shirt and hit him over the head with a beer bottle.

Later, when a group of bystanders attempted to separate the two combatants, another Cowboys fan was struck in the head by yet another beer bottle. The bottle shattered, spraying spectators with shards of glass and drawing blood on at least one person.

Todd Bowen, an eyewitness who suffered a cut from the flying glass, described the scene to NBC San Diego. “The glass actually stuck in my arm about 2 inch, 3 inch long and of course I’m looking at my arm and I pull it out and it doesn’t stop bleeding,” Bowen said. The cut was reportedly so deep that a paramedic asked Bowen if he had been shot.

San Diego Police questioned the woman who started the brawl by slapping the Cowboys fan, NBC San Diego reports. In addition, authorities confirmed that at least one person was detained in connection with the incident.

Pete Rhoades, a Chargers fan who managed to capture the beer bottle incident on video, was shocked to see the situation escalate to violence. “It’s only a football game and I can’t understand why people would get to that point,” Rhoades told NBC San Diego.

Qualcomm Stadium officials limit alcohol sales to prevent such violent incidents, NBC San Diego notes. Fans are limited to two drinks in the first half of each game, and aren't permitted to buy alcohol after the start of the fourth quarter.

The beer bottle brawl occurred less than a week after another California sports fan was stabbed to death following a game between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers. A suspect, 21-year-old Michael Montgomery, was arrested in connection with the stabbing, but he was released on Sept. 27 due to a lack of evidence.

The video of the Cowboys-Chargers fan brawl can be viewed below.