An early account shows Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa has the support of voters’ in the referendum on a wide range of reforms according to the National Election Council.

The referendum sought people's opinion on questions ranging from banning bullfighting to judicial and media reforms. The media services in Ecuador are also under the government.

The first “quick” sample count by the national election council showed that the president was ahead on all 10 questions by a range of 51-57%.

Two different polls have so far indicated that majority of voters have supported the reforms initiated by Correa.

Speaking about the outcome, Correa said it will be an important step towards “peace, democracy and a new motherland.”

The opposition politicians, however, said the reason behind President Correa’s reforms is to increase his power, but analysts say the result will boost Correa's popularity.

Before the National Congress in 2007, Correa refused to take the oath pre-determined by the Constitution. He later called for a plebiscite so he was authorized to assemble a Constituent Assembly for the drafting of a new constitution.