Articles by Eleazar David Meléndez
Euro Swiss notes 2012 2

Euro: Not As Strong As It Looks

Despite ballooning exchange rates, investors can’t get rid of their euros fast enough, as various rate indicators are demonstrating.
Bombardier Global 6000

Bombardier, VistaJet Agree On Massive Order

Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier, Inc. signed its biggest deal ever Tuesday, when it accepted an order potentially worth $7.8 billion from London-based luxury charter company VistaJet.

'Cyber Monday' Goes Epic

The migration of shopping to virtual storefronts was in full display on “Cyber Monday,” the biggest online shopping sale day of the year.

Argentina: Sovereign Battles Hedge Funds

A messy legal fight over the fallout from a 2002 sovereign debt restructuring came to a head last Wednesday and was expected to enter a critical phase over the next three weeks.

Germany: AAA Über Alles

A nonprofit sovereign rating system was proposed in Germany as an alternative to the current system, a day after Moody’s downgraded France.

Spain: Protesters Get Trashy

After a call by various protest groups in Madrid, citizens across the municipality turned their uncollected bags of refuse into symbols of protests.

Fed: Still Trying to Figure It All Out

Fed members are seriously considering changing their approach to announced expectations, to communicate an explicit “threshold” for inflation and unemployment.