A Queens man chased off a possible rapist who was attacking a woman outside his home yesterday morning, according to the NY Daily News. 54-year-old Mike Novak and his wife were preparing for their day at 5:45 a.m. in Sunnyside. Just as his wife was getting ready to leave for work at her nursing job, he heard a commotion downstairs. Thinking that it may have been his wife, Novak ran out to help.

The next thing you know, I heard, 'Help! Help! Help! Novak told NY Daily News. Novak ran out to discover a man attacking a woman in the bushes in front of his home. He was groping her. She was saying, 'No! Stop!' He was trying to cover her mouth. Thank God she kept yelling.

When the assailant saw Novak, he quickly ran off but Novak chased the man down the street. Unfortunately, because Novak was not wearing shoes, he was unable to take down the suspect. Novak then took the woman inside his home where his wife helped to calm her down.

Novak, who has trained in martial-art for 30 years, says he didn't hesitate to help because years of training makes you want to jump in.

I was born in Chinatown. It was the 70's and everyone was kung-fu fighting.