Articles by Kukil Bora

A diehard lover of photography, Kukil Bora started his career as a Web journalist with a Bangalore-based media firm called “SiliconIndia” in 2010. After working there for a year, Kukil joined International Business Times in May, 2011 as a Correspondent for the Bangalore news room. He loves writing technology articles. However, his areas of interest also include science, politics and sports. Kukil holds a Bachelor degree in English literature from Gauhati University and a Masters degree in Mass Communication from Bangalore University. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.


Methane-Filled Canyons Found On Titan

Observations made by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft provide direct evidence of deep canyons etched by flowing liquid methane on Saturn’s largest moon.

A Solar Storm That Almost Triggered Nuclear War

The U.S. Air Force was preparing for war on May 23, 1967, thinking that the Soviet Union was behind the jamming of its surveillance radars in polar regions actually caused by a solar flare.

NASA Gets A New High-Speed HDR Camera

The camera, dubbed the HiDyRS-X project, can film rocket motor tests that are difficult to record without drastically cutting down the exposure settings on the camera.

Will Next-Gen iPhone Feature 3GB RAM?

The increased RAM for the iPhone 7 Plus sounds plausible as the larger handset is expected to get some camera improvements, including a dual-lens system.