Articles by Nicholas Deel
Markets 3-14

Markets Rise Before Central Banks Meet

Shares rise in Europe and Asia, adding to gains chalked up after last week’s stimulus package from the European Central Bank, as investors turn their attention to policy decisions from Washington, Tokyo and London.
Air Guitar Made Real

Video: This Air Guitar Really Rocks

Playing air guitar will never be the same again; the Kurv 'stringless' guitar lets you learn and play songs using touch, motion and gestures. Matthew Stock reports.
U2 Front Man Bono Performs In Paris

VIDEO: U2 Pays Tribute To Terror Victims in Paris

U2 paid tribute to victims of the Paris attacks as they return to perform at shows postponed in the wake of the November bloodshed. The concert in Paris took place amid tight security both inside and outside the venue. Correspondent Paul Chapman reports.
Rentaul Espace

Renault Accused Over Emissions [VIDEO]

Nitrogen oxide emissions of Renault's 1.6 dCi Espace were found in tests to be up to 25 times higher than the current Euro-6 limit, according to a German environmental lobby group.
Caffeine Exposure Leaves Bees Buzzing

Caffeine Exposure Leaves Bees Buzzing

Plants are tricking honey bees into pollinating their flowers by producing caffeine, successfully fooling the insects into repeatedly returning, even if their nectar is of poor quality. Jim Drury...
Finding Hillywood

Film Helps Heal Rwandan Wounds

As the country’s infrastructure has rebuilt itself so too has its culture and a new documentary seeks to chronicle Rwanda’s nascent film industry.