Harrison Ford aka Han Solo
Harrison Ford explained that he wants viewers to see The Force Awakens with fresh eyes. Reuters

The cast of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' have finally spoken about the eagerly awaited film, so it was at last time to find out some details.

Video Transcript:

"I would love people to come to this film not forearmed with so much knowledge about what's taking place," said Harrison Ford, aka Han Solo.

"The movie is about to come out around the corner. I don't want to spoil it for anyone. You'll thank me later," Said John Boyega, who plays a rogue Storm Trooper.

"My hat goes off to whomever made it possible for everyone to shut up because when you look at the credits of the film, it is an entire universe that got this film made. I don't know how everybody else kept their mouth shut," said Lupita Nyong'o, who's computer-generated character Maz Kanata has not appeared in any trailers up to this point.

"They keep a lot of your family members in the cell so that and hopefully they'll be released pretty soon, it's been a little while. Yeah so it's just the basic stuff, you know basic Disney stuff," joked Oscar Isaac.

But the secrecy isn't just for audiences, the cast also are unaware of the future, at least according to Boyega.

"Mark Hamill said he didn't know a thing about certain secrets about Luke Skywalker. So as much as we are involved we never know how things are going to go, do we?"

The spoilers will no doubt start flooding out when the film has its first screening at the world premiere in Los Angeles on December 14.