Nissan Self-Parking Chair
A clap of the hands returns the chairs to their original location. Nissan

It could be the most pointless device ever created or the best way to tidy your office after a long meeting.

Nissan's self-parking chairs have been programmed to move back to their original position with a simple clap of the hands.

The idea came out of the Japanese automaker's research on self-parking cars.

"Nissan's ultimate goal is self-driving cars, and the self-parking part is just one of the processes along the way. More than thinking of them as just furniture, we hope people can see how our technology can be introduced into other objects," says Yuuki Tomii of the Nissan sales promotion department.

Four motion sensitive cameras are placed on the ceiling.

Room layout is pre-programmed, and individual chairs assigned their own spot at the table.

Wi-fi controlled cameras detect each chair's location and calculate a route back to its individual place.

Exhibition visitors in Yokahama were impressed.

Nissan has no plans to market the chairs, so lazy office workers will just have to carry on with the onerous task of tucking their chair in manually.