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?Mommy? to ?Main Street?

I am thinking about relocating within the state. I've been using a functional résumé due to the fact that I have quite a few employment gaps. In the past three years, I have had two children, and because my pregnancies were considered high risk, I had to stay home on bed rest. I have a bachelor's degree in business administration with a specialization in accounting and I'm finding it difficult to get my foot in the door for an entry-level position in accounting.

Overqualified and expecting a call? Think again.

I have read your column since I first began attending college. Finally, after six years I have completed my degree in organizational communication. I have worked since I was 15 years old and my past two positions have prepared me for an office role that would not require an 'entry level' status. However, I have applied for positions for more than 5 months and have received only one response from a potential employer.

First-Time Résumé? Take a Lesson from Marketing 101

I need help constructing my résumé. I have owned a small business for 4 years and want to transition back into an employee/employer role. Most of my experience lies in customer service and administrative positions, but owning my business has given me exposure to managing employees and sales and marketing functions.

Targeted Résumé + Cover Letter = Foundation for Job Search Success

I think I have a pretty good résumé, but I have no idea where to start when writing a cover letter. Is it necessary to submit a cover letter when applying for a job? I'd prefer to just submit my résumé so I don't have to write a cover letter for every job I am interested in. I'm finding I don't apply for some positions as I can't get over the stumbling block of writing the cover letter to accompany my résumé.

Lower Doses of Anemia Drugs Recommended: FDA

The Food and Drug Administration released Friday reducing the dosage for anemia drugs Procrit, Epogen and Aranesp for patients with chronic kidney disease due to increased risks of stroke, blood clots and death. “FDA is recommending new, more conservative dosing recommendations for erythropoiesis-stimulating agents [ESAs] for patients with chronic kidney disease,” Dr. Robert C. Kane

Missy Elliott Battles Graves’ Disease

“Misdemeanor” singer Missy Elliott, 39, has been suffering from Grave’s disease during the past three years, according to People Magazine. The disease is an autoimmune illness that affects the thyroid.

Glen Campbell Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

Glen Campbell, the Rhinestone Cowboy singer, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, People reported Wednesday. The Country legend said he wishes to perform live this fall to say farewell to his fans and decided to go public with his condition.

New Interactive Ads Using Kinect [VIDEO]

Microsoft announced Tuesday it will allow its users to use voice and motion commands to interact with advertisements while playing their favorite game or watching a video through popular Xbox Kinect gaming console. The advertising tool is called NUads, natural user interface ads, which will allow users to say Xbox Tweet to share something about the ad on Twitter.

Botox or Dysport, which one reigns as the best anti-wrinkle injection?

A study paid for by the makers of anti-wrinkle injection Dysport found that it is better at reducing crow's feet than its popular competitor, Botox. On Monday, the makers of Dysport announced a study comparing two different kinds of botulinum toxins. The double-blind study was funded by Dysport and published in Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.

Desperate Robbery Attempt of $1 to Get Health Care in Jail

An RBC Bank in North Carolina was robbed for $1 last Thursday by Richard James Verone to receive medical coverage. Verone, 59, said in an interview with NBC affiliate KUSA-TV that he had no gun at the time and gave a note to the teller.

Is alcohol the main cause of Ryan Dunn’s death?

Even after the release of the preliminary autopsy results by the coroner's office, questions remain about whether alcohol played a role in the crash. Chester County Coroner's Office spokeswoman Patty Emmons said the toxicology results that will help decide whether alcohol was factor, will take up to 6 weeks to be released.

Ryan Dunn's death caused by blunt force and thermal trauma

The Chester County Coroner's office on Tuesday confirmed that both Ryan Dunn and his passenger died from the impact of a crash and the fire that engulfed the 2007 Porsche he was driving early Monday morning. The Chester County coroner said blunt force trauma and thermal trauma were the causes of death for both victims, according to the Associated Press.

8 Percent of U.S. Children Suffer from Food Allergies

A new study published in the journal Pediatrics found that 8 percent of U.S. children age 18 or under are affected by food allergies. That equates to 5.9 million children, according to a study by Dr. Ruchi Gupta of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

LightSquared offers solution to GPS interference issue

LightSquared has proposed a comprehensive solution to prevent interference of GPS with different frequencies. Based on early tests, LightSquared confirmed that one of the company's 10MHz block spectrum interfered with GPS receivers.

Man Robs Bank to Get Free Health Care in Jail

Richard James Verone of Charlotte, North Carolina says he robbed an RBC bank last Thursday for medical reasons. Verone, 59, said in an interview with NBC affiliate KUSA-TV that he had no gun at the time and gave a note to the teller.

Woman in NY suburb killed by pet snake

Aleta Stacey was found dead and police blame a bite from one of the 75 pet snakes she and her boyfriend owned in a suburb North of New York City, according to CBS New York. She was found dead last Tuesday, and was suspected of being bitten by a “Black Mamba,” a snake native to Africa.

North Korean Police Report Confirms Cannibalism

A North Korean police report has confirmed that cannibalism, drugs and counterfeit cases are rampant, according to Korean newspaper Kukmin Ilbo. It's the first time that North Korea's living conditions have been confirmed by North Korea's official government data, Kukmin Ilbo reports.

Time to Reengineer Your Résumé? Reflect, revamp, and renew

I would like to get your opinion on how to improve my résumé. I am 55 years old with 20 years of management experience in the food and landscape industries. I have a degree in landscape design/build. I have applied for numerous positions that are suited to my qualifications, skills, and experiences-both in-person and online-but the majority of the time I get zero response.

Job seekers—especially “Baby Boomers”—beware, avoid outdated résumé techniques

I am 57 years young and really beginning to feel that my age is hindering the success of my job search. I have been out of work for 10 months, and while this seems in line with peers who are also searching for work, I haven't even had an interview in 5 months. I'm wondering if my résumé is to blame. I haven't needed a résumé in more than 20 years and I have to say that I haven't really spent the time I probably should have to update it.

Spring Makeover Series: Résumé Helps Candidate Return to Former Career

Alexandra had made a decision to change career paths from the corporate world to higher education but was faced with the challenge of creating a résumé that would effectively market her to her target audience. She had not updated her résumé in 10+ years and had not worked in academics in 12 years. Alexandra came to me, not knowing where to start with her résumé, and asked me to translate her skills from the corporate world to higher education.

Spring Makeover Series: Candidate Learns Visual Appeal is Key to an Impactful Résumé

Katie came to me seeking to present her human resources credentials on paper in an organized and sensible fashion, downplaying her prior more administratively focused career prior to 2007. Katie's existing résumé was 3 pages in length and extremely crowded with bullet point after bullet point of information, none of which jumped off the page as anything to engage the reader.

Spring Makeover Series: Are you diluting your candidacy?

Peter had a strong background in recruiting, sales, and marketing and came to me seeking help in facilitating a career change. While highly successful in his current field, he had decided to take the opportunity-based on some life-altering situations-to pursue positions that reflected his personal passions.

If you position yourself as “anything” you’ll get “nothing”

Kelsey was a recent graduate from a speech and hearing sciences program and was seeking to enter the field in an administrative or customer service capacity while she figured out what the next step in her education/career would be. Kelsey explained that she wanted to keep her résumé fairly broad in nature and hadn't focused on her background in speech and hearing sciences as she wanted to keep as many of her options open as possible.

Is your résumé sabotaging your career?

Jake was an unfortunate victim of the downturn in his chosen industry. Graduating in 2005 from a Master's in Aviation program, he entered the job market and was unsuccessful in securing a position in his field of interest. Then, with the global economic crisis just a few years later, he put his dreams on hold and decided to continue to work in the retail field for Sam's Club, not knowing if he would ever be able to use his degree to break into aviation.



Turkey Summons Nine Western Ambassadors Over Security Alerts

Turkey summoned ambassadors of nine Western countries including the United States and Sweden on Thursday to criticise their decisions to temporarily shut diplomatic missions and issue security alerts following Koran-burning incidents in Europe.