Articles by Suraj Radhakrishnan
climate explorer noaa

2017 NOAA Climate Round-Up

NOAA data shows that 2017 was the third warmest year after 2016 and 2015 compared to 20th century climate averages.
hungary forensics team

Scientists Debunk 'The CSI Effect'

The popular TV show series, CSI, was long-believed to make criminals smarter by teaching them forensic methods. But, scientists have debunked this claim in a study.
A car drives along the territory of a solar energy power station near the Okhotnikovo village in the Crimea's Saksky district

Green Roofs Boost Solar Energy Output

A team from the University of Kansas found that green roofs (vegetative roofing) gives better solar energy output compared to standard white roofing.
bonobos hugging

Nice Bonobos Finish Last

A study has shown that bonobos, one of our closest animal relatives, prefer bullies to nice guys.

DHS Confirms Data Breach

An internal breach of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in May has left personal identifiable information of approximately 240,000 employees at risk.

Muscles For Future Nano-Robots

Researchers from Cornell University have made a tiny 'muscle' using bimorphs that could revolutionize future nano-robotics.