The Hunger Games Official Movie Poster
The Hunger Games has earned a big wad of cash at the box office, $152.5 million, in its opening weekend and now Lionsgate has released "The Hunger Games Adventures" role-playing game for Facebook. Lionsgate

Given the success of both the novel and the movie, Hunger Games is becoming one of the most demanded commodities. While MTV is already planning on launching a Hunger Games-based reality series with competitions, the next brand name to jump on the Hunger games popularity bandwagon is the retailer - Target.

It is not yet known what kind of products will the retailer sell which could be popularly known as the Hunger Games Gear but there are anticipations that there will be archery gear, a Mockingjay pin, similar to the one sported by Jennifer Lawrence in the movie, possibly a lithograph signed by 10 of the movies actors and also replicas of Katniss' leather jacket.

According to a report on MTV News, Target will start selling these items which are in a very limited supply on their website beginning August 18. The products are believed to be priced really high with the leather jacket allegedly priced at $349. However, Target will also make available a range of reasonably priced Hunger Games gear like picture frames, dolls, bookends, ear buds, backpacks, pillow cases, jewelry and cardboard cutout figures in the $6.99-$34.99 range.

Even though this gear is alleged to be priced really high, it is believed that Hunger Games fans are going to be happy with the purchases.

Retailer Target To Sell Hunger Games Gear Including Katniss' Leather Jacket and Jennifer Lawrence's Mockingjay Pin