Rich Eisen, one of the NFL Networks best known and best paid commentators went crazy on the air when the Jacksonville Jaguars drafted Bryan Anger a punter from Cal.

Eisen immediately beings screaming about a punter being drafted as soon as the pick is announced and for the next minute and a half, hardly lets his co-anchors get a word in about the pick while he continues his rant.

The draft often leads to awkward and uncomfortable moments between the anchors on the ESPN or NFL Network desk. It is one of the few times that sports studio hosts have to speak extemporaneously for hours on end with very little script.

During most of the first two days of the draft broadcast for instance, ESPN personalities John Gruden and Mel Kiper battled with each other over picks, often derailing the show with their arguing. It got so bad that the ESPN producers put Todd McShay on the desk in a seat between the two of them to try to mitigate their bickering.

Things seem to have settled down in the final day of the draft as the tension of hours of live television bleeds away and the anchors stop shouting at one another.