Richie Incognito
Former Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito has reportedly been admitted to a psychiatric care center amid concerns over his mental health in the wake of the Jonathan Martin bullying scandal. Twitter

Former Miami Dolphins offensive line Richie Incognito will receive professional counseling in order to deal with “severe mental stress,” according to a report.

Incognito’s recent erratic behavior includes smashing his own $300,000 Ferrari with a baseball bat and several emotional Twitter rants. According to the NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington, Incognito’s problems stem from the fallout generated by private investigator Ted Wells’ report regarding the Jonathan Martin bullying scandal.

In February, Wells released a report detailing Incognito’s systematic verbal abuse of Martin and multiple other Dolphins employees. According to Darlington, the public scrutiny generated by the report has caused Incognito significant mental distress.

“After a very long few weeks, I can report Richie Incognito has accepted professional help in wake of severe mental stress from Wells report,” Darlington tweeted on Friday. “Incognito is currently being treated at a facility in Arizona after what has been some very stressful times for him & those closest to him.”

Sources familiar with the situation say that police officials in Scottsdale, Ariz., filed a petition to have Incognito admitted to a psychiatric care unit, TMZ reports. Incognito did not voluntarily submit to the program, but reportedly admitted that requires help to deal with the stress in his life.

News out Incognito’s choice to seek help came just hours after the 30-year-old’s bizarre admission that he had smashed his own Ferrari with a baseball bat. In an interview with Fox 10 in Phoenix, Ariz., he referred to the act as a “piece of art.”

“That was just me venting,” Incognito told Fox 10. “That was self-expression, that’s a piece of art. The happiest day of my life was when I got that car, and now the second-happiest day is going to be when I donate it to charity.”