Texas Gov. Rick Perry is set to announce Friday the top members that will comprise his presidential campaign staff.

The team, mostly Texans, will move into offices in a former steam laundry at 8th and Congress streets in downtown Texas, and will consist of officials and advisers who are close to him, and to each other, Politico reported. Most have either worked on his previous campaigns or in the governor's office.

His inner circle includes Rob Johnson, campaign manager; David Carney, chief strategist, Deirdre Delisi, policy and strategy director; Wayne Hamilton, political director; Ray Sullivan, communications director; Eric Bearse, deputy communications director; Mark Miner, national press secretary; Robert Black, travel press secretary; and Katherine Cesinger, state press director.

In a statement, Perry said: I am committed to turning our country back into the land of opportunity as the next president of the United States ... I look forward to working closely with this talented team of experts to take our message to the people of this country and get America working again.