UPDATE: Rob Ford apologized Thursday for using graphic language during a news conference earlier in the day in denying claims he wished to perform oral sex on a former advisor. 

The Toronto mayor blamed "stress" for the lewd comments.

"The revelations yesterday of cocaine, escorts, prostitution has pushed me over the line and I used unforgivable language and again I apologize," he said. "These allegations are 100 percent lies. Today I acted on complete impulse in my remarks."

Ford also acknowledged that he "drank alcohol in excess," but said that behavior was "in the past" and said he's receiving support "from a team of healthcare professionals," although he would not comment further on that support. He also told the press to respect his family's privacy.

Original story:

Just when you thought Rob Ford couldn’t shock anyone any further, the brash and embattled Toronto mayor says he has "more than enough to eat at home," in response to a claim from a former staffer who said he told an ex-policy advisor he wanted to perform oral sex on her.

The claim came from Ford’s former deputy press secretary, Isaac Ransom, who told investigators looking into Ford’s alleged illegal activity – including crack cocaine use – that the mayor told Olivia Gondek, “I banged your p----“ and “I’m going to eat you out,” according to Canada’s Sun News Network.

Ford used that same type of language while addressing the claims and saying he would take legal action. You can view Ford's statement here. (WARNING: NSFW)

After a news conference in which he detailed hurtful things said against his family, including that his wife, Alana, is a prostitute, Ford commented on Ransom’s allegations.

“Oh and the last thing was Olivia Gondek, it says that I wanted to eat her p----. Olivia Gondek. I've never said that in my life to her. I would never do that. I'm happily married. I've got more than enough to eat at home. Thank you very much,” Ford told the media while wearing a Toronto Argonauts football jersey.

Ford’s response raised eyebrows among members of the Toronto media, especially television reporters who were covering the news conference live.

“Mayor Ford speaking as Mayor Ford does – very plainly. As he said in [City] Council yesterday, he effed up. And now you’re seeing language that I don’t think we can broadcast that on TV, but we just broadcast that on TV,” said one Toronto TV reporter. “Another unbelievable day at Toronto City Council as Mayor Ford speaks to the media ... using language that – I’m not going to repeat that language …”

Gondek denied that the Toronto mayor made those lewd remarks to her and also denied Ransom’s claims that Ford slept with her.

"I can tell you that there is absolutely no truth to the alleged statement," she said.

Responding to the allegations that Ford said he would perform oral sex on her, Gondek added, “Mayor Ford has never made comments of that nature to me. I was not present at the time the alleged comments were made and I was unaware of them."