Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski shirtless with LMFAO after the Super Bowl.
Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski shirtless with LMFAO after the Super Bowl. Abe Medoff

After losing to the New York Giants in the Super Bowl, New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and offensive lineman Matt Light decided to dance away their sorrows at a Super Bowl after-party.

Deadspin obtained pictures of the two Patriots dancing shirtless at the after party, including photos of the two fist pumping as how DJ Pauly D or The Situation might on Jersey Shore.

The bash was meant to be a Patriots victory party featuring music from LMFAO, Maroon 5 and Steven Tyler, but Deadspin noted that it turned more into an enormous Irish wake. Still despite the rough loss to the Giants that came down to the final play - a Tom Brady Hail Mary that fell just short - these Patriots didn't seem too beaten down by the loss.

Their behavior is a stark contrast to Tom Brady's reaction. Yahoo Sports' Dan Wetzel brilliantly recounted the emotions the two-time Super Bowl MVP was going through after yet another Super Bowl loss to Eli Manning and the Giants.

Tom Brady sat facing his locker, his head down and draped in a white towel, staring at the space between his cleats, Wetzel wrote. He was in full uniform. He was in full thought. There were the plays that hadn't been made. There were the opportunities not seized. There was the Super Bowl that had slipped away, 21-17 to the New York Giants. Again, the Giants. Again.

The minutes ticked by and Brady didn't move. Across the Patriots' locker room there was dejection and depression, hushed whispers and thousand-yard stares. This is the pain of almost having everything. This was the hurt of winding up with nothing. All the money these guys make, all the glory they receive, it does nothing in times like this, the losing locker room after the biggest of games.

Patriots fans have loved Gronkowski for his exuberance and playful nature - his Yo Soy Fiesta interview is fantastic - but it's doubtful they will be too excited about an integral part of their team partying the night away just hours after such a painful loss.