• Roger Federer is currently nursing an injury and is set to return by 2021
  • This gives Rafael Nadal the opportunity to overtake Federer
  • Federer has the current record for most men's singles Grand Slams with 20

It has been an eventful year for tennis with the threat of the global pandemic affecting every major event. But with everything that is happening, tennis great Roger Federer remains to be one of the biggest sporting icons to date. With his recent injuries, Federer provided an update that could have a significant impact on his future.

Per Yahoo, Federer shared how he is doing after announcing his withdrawal for the year. The 38-year-old may have the skills to be the best but his injuries have made it difficult for him to dominate like how he used to. While he’s still among the world’s best, rehabilitating from surgery is will prove to be critical at this stage of his career.

"Clearly, one of my big goals, and that's why I do recovery work every day and work so hard, and why I'm preparing for a 20-week physical preparation block this year, is because I hope to play at Wimbledon next year," Federer said.

In addition to this, Federer remains to be positive that he will bounce back stronger than ever in 2021. Hoping that the world would be much better by that time, Federer remains optimistic that his return could show a glimpse of his old form.

But while Federer is recovering, his good friend and rival Rafael Nadal is still in top form. It’s important to note that Nadal already has 19 Grand Slam titles and is one win away from tying Federer’s 20. Jumping right back to action after major surgeries would take a lot of time and Nadal can take advantage of this situation by winning a couple of majors before Federer fully recovers from his injuries.

The US Open is tentatively expected to return this August if regulations are cleared. There’s a possibility that the tournament may not happen due to the continuous threat of the coronavirus. But if it pulls through and if Nadal competes then he will be one of the more favored athletes to win the Grand Slam.

It will be interesting to monitor what will happen in the near future given the current global landscape. There’s no question that Federer and Nadal are the very best in the sport and it remains to be seen who will end up on top.    

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal team up at the 2017 Laver Cup Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal team up at the 2017 Laver Cup Photo: AFP / Michal Cizek