Four people were injured after freak winds sent debris flying outside the Rose Bowl in Pasadena Wednesday. The incident, which took place in the fanfest area outside the stadium, saw powerful winds kick up a “dust devil,” which sent umbrellas, awnings and even a large pop-up tent flying.

Video of the incident shows workers who were setting up the area running for cover as the debris is violently tossed through the air by powerful winds.

"The tornado just came through there," eyewitness Renee Miller told KABC. "We saw it coming, and I just got my mom up and said, 'We need to get in the car.' By the time we got her, it knocked her down."

Three people received minor injuries, and a fourth had a slight injury to a finger, Pasadena Fire Department spokeswoman Lisa Derderian told KTLA.

The freak winds come just weeks after a rare tornado hit southern Los Angeles, causing damage to property but no fatalities, according to NBC News.


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Kickoff for the Rose Bowl is due to take place at 2 p.m. EST on Thursday, Jan. 1.