Rosey Grier
A woman named Jana Young is suing NFL legend Rosey Grier, claiming that the former "Fearsome Foursome" member sexually assaulted her in her Los Angeles home. Reuters

NFL legend Rosey Grier stands accused of sexually assaulting his neighbor and former manager, according to a report.

A woman named Jana Young has filed a lawsuit against Grier, claiming that the 81-year-old man sexually assaulted her in her home, according to legal documents obtained by TMZ Sports. In paperwork filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Young claims that she allowed Grier to move into her home while his own residence was renovated.

In her lawsuit, Young claims that a fully nude Grier sexually propositioned her, the website reports. “How do you like it?” the former Los Angeles Rams star allegedly asked the married woman.

Young reportedly kicked Grier out of her home after the incident. However, when she attempted to collect money that Grier owed her for acting as his manager and paying for part of his home construction, he allegedly assaulted her in a sexual manner for a second time. According to her account, Grier shoved his hand down her pants and said, “you feel like a virgin,” TMZ reports.

Neither Grier nor his representatives has responded to Young’s accusations. It’s unclear if the woman ever brought the matter to Los Angeles police.

Grier spent his 11-year NFL career as a member of the Rams and the New York Giants. While playing in Los Angeles, he joined Merlin Olsen, Lamar Lundy and Deacon Jones to form the Rams’ vaunted “Fearsome Foursome” defensive line. Although Grier played before the NFL began to count the sack as a statistic, the “Fearsome Foursome” is generally considered to be one of the most dominant units in league history.