DeRozan's Dunks were Eye-popping
Raptor's swingman DeMar DeRozan doesn't advance despite two spectacular dunks. Reuters

The second round was perhaps more exciting than the first round, if that's possible.

DeMar Derozan came back from a spectacular first round and returned with perhaps an even better dunk, and didn't need multiple tries to get it. The Compton-native scored a 50. It may be a crime that DeRozan didn't advance.

Stealing a toy off the rim with his mouth, Serge Ibaka slammed home a 45.

The show stealer, Blake Griffin, followed his 49, with a dunk that took multiple tries, and wasn't quite as amazing as the first, and received a 46.

The leader of the first round, Javale McGee, returned from his perfect 50 in his first round and followed it with some help from his mom, USC and WNBA-star Pam McGee, and dunked three basketballs -- two with each hand and the third with a pass from teammate John Wall, and scored a 49.

Griffin and McGee have advanced.