The industry-leading turnkey product launch agency can bring any vision to reality, regardless of how early in the production process

  1. Enventys Partners celebrates 20 years in business this November, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs to build their businesses and launch thousands of products
  2. This highly successful company has accumulated over two decades of experience in the industry, has had more than 35 clients appear on Shark Tank and helped launch the most funded fitness product in Kickstarter history
  3. They’ve built dozens of businesses from the ground up, and generated hundreds of millions of dollars through their crowdfunding efforts

The pandemic, through an increased amount of time working from home, has pushed a large number of people to pursue entrepreneurship and created a reverberation in the US startup scene.  In July of 2020 there were more than 550,000 applications to start a business - a record high that demonstrated a 95% increase compared to the same time the year prior.

Many of these startups conceptualise a powerful business idea, but struggle to progress their idea forward and work towards making it a reality. Enventys Partners has the knowledge to close this gap with in-house experts in every step of business creation; they have over 20 years experience handling all aspects of making new product ideas a reality: product development, crowdfunding and ecommerce marketing.

The Story of Enventys Partners

Enventys Partners has been working earnestly since its founding in 2001 to reach the zenith of the product development, ecommerce and marketing industries. It has been a leading product launch agency for over 15 years now and has offices around the world - from the US to Asia.

They are well-known for the ‘one stop shop’ experience they offer entrepreneurs; they can design, prototype, source, crowdfund and market new products for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. The company has now surpassed several monumental milestones, such as exceeding $300 million in capital raised through their crowdfunding, and becoming a Mailchimp Pro Partner in the same year, as well as launching their 2000th successful product in 2021.

Their success is unsurprising when their ethos for business is considered; Roy Morejon, president of Enventys Partners has previously gone on record to elucidate that in crowdfunding the importance should be placed on “[remembering] to put the crowd first … you have to show how your idea will benefit your crowd before you ever ask them for funding”.

Roy Morejon Roy Morejon Photo: Roy Morejon

How They Bring Products To Life

Included within their employees is a team of experts in the industries of design, engineering, marketing and crowdfunding. This allows entrepreneurs to find utility in any or all steps of the process involved with designing and releasing a product - Enventys Partners will provide invaluable assistance regardless of whether a client needs an all-encompassing strategy or merely help with one individual service.

Enventys Partners can work to make your product a reality regardless of the stage of production - many successful businesses have approached them with only napkin sketches and an idea over their illustrious 20 year history. They are extremely proficient at what they do, with more than 800 patents filed and 100 individual million dollar crowdfunding campaigns in the same period of time.

Furthermore, a plethora of their clients’ products can be found in national retailers worldwide. Their services streamline the digital marketing strategies of their clients and allow them to scale their businesses. Their team of engineers and product designers can produce sketches, build prototypes and manufacture their clients’ products - all in-house.

These digital marketing experts can help with all of a business’s potential needs - ranging from photography and video production to search engine optimisation and effective advertising. Add to this their expertise in public relations, social media, email marketing and web design and you find all you could ever need to get your business up and running.

If you can dream it - you can make it, launch it and sell it with Enventys Partners. Tell your story and launch your product, Enventys Partners will ensure it is received by enthusiastic backers and a new audience on which to build successful ecommerce and a healthy stream of revenue.

Concluding Remarks

On balance, Enventys Partners is an invaluable resource at the disposal of any small and medium sized enterprise, startup or entrepreneur interested in crowdfunding and the launch of their new products. Enventys Partners is specialised in startup and digital marketing, but also provides expertise in every other step of new product launch, including product development, crowdfunding and ecommerce marketing.

Their services will certainly be a breath of fresh air, proving invaluable for those struggling with the trials of a new business as we exit the pandemic.