A plane carrying a Russian ice hockey team crashed Wednesday just after take-off from the Yaroslavl airport, killing at least 43 people.

The Yak-42 aircraft was carrying players for Lokomotiv Yaroslavl -- one of Russia's leading ice hockey teams to Minsk, the capital of Belarus, where they were to play against Dinamo Minsk in its inaugural game of the Kontinental Hockey League's 2011 season.

It was the second major air crash involving the Yak-42 aircraft in the past three months. The cause of the accident isn't yet known.

Two of the 45 passengers survived the crash of the plane, which was carrying 37 passengers and eight crew members. Thirty six bodies have been recovered so far and the search for the missing is continuing.

Yaroslavl's regional governor, Sergei Vakhrukov, named the two survivors as Russian forward Alexander Galimov and flight crew member Alexander Sizov. Both are being treated in intensive care, CNN reported.




Lokomotive Yaroslavl ice-hockey team of the Continental Hockey League (KHL) pose for a team photo in this August 21, 2011 handout file photo by the KHL. Forty-three people were feared dead after a plane carrying the Russian hockey team crashed on Wednesday near the city of Yaroslavl, the Emergency Situations Ministry said.

Yaroslavl Airport manager Tunoshna Arius Novick, who led the hockey team on board the flight, spoke to Russian news channel Life News and described the final moments before the disaster.


According to the 38-year-old manager, who has 12 years of experience, the aircraft made the run too long before take-off and passed the point of separation.


According to Novick, no problems were reported by the commander and everything was in normal mode.


Yak-42 started the run at 16:00, Moscow time, and a minute later collapsed, looking about ten meters from the ground, Novick added.

Here's the list of the passengers and crew:


Anikeenko Vitaly, Bakhvalov Yuri, Alexander Belyaev, Mikhail Balandin, Vasyukov Alexander, Vaší?ek Joseph, Vyuhin Alexander E., Robert Dietrich Genrikhovich, Pavol Demitra, Zimin Andrey, Kalimulin Marat Natfullovich, Karpovtsev Alexander G., Kalyanin Alexander I., Kiryukhin Andrey, Klyukin Nikita, Korolev, Igor B., Krivonosov Nikolai, Kunnov Evgeny, Vyacheslav Kuznetsov, Stefan Liv, Daniel Patrick, Jan Marek, Brad McCrimmon Byron, Ostapchuk Sergey I., Piskunov, Vladimir Leonidovich, Karel Rachunek, Evgeny Sidorov, Karlis Skrastins Martinovic, Snurnitsyn Pavel, Daniel E. Sobchenko, Tkachenko Ivan Leonidovich, Paul S., Yuri O. Urych, Gennady Churilov S., Maxim A. Shuvalov and Yarchuk Artem Nikolaevich.

Crew :

Solomentsev Andrey (Commander), Zhivelov Igor Konstantinovich (second pilot), Zhuravlev, Sergey (bortmehanih), Sarmatova Elena (flight attendant), Maksumova Hope Murzafarovna (flight attendant), Chavigny Elena (flight attendant) and Matyushin Vladimir Yurevich (flight engineer).

Survivors :

Sizov, Alexander B. (flight attendant) and Galimov Alexander (hockey player)