Scuffles broke out at the protest in Chisinau on Sunday afternoon


  • Ukraine intel suggested Russia altered its destabilization plan against Moldova
  • A Ukrainian official said Russia is planning for a "quiet" occupation of Moldova
  • E.U. is sending an anti-coup mission to Moldova in May

A Ukrainian official warned Russia is still hellbent on staging a coup d'état on Moldova.

Oleksiy Danilov, the secretary of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council, told Ukrinform that Ukrainian intelligence suggests Russia is still planning to occupy Moldova despite a month of apparent silence.

"Russia partially altered its plans. However, we are more than sure that they will not change their general plan. The same aggressive policy is observed toward Moldova as it is toward Ukraine," Danilov said.

"But there is a so-called attempt at a "quiet" occupation, and here we see an attempt at occupation by force. It should be understood that the Russian Federation is an imperial nation that seeks to capture, capture, and capture again," the Ukrainian official added.

Danilov said he does not want a Russian-backed coup to happen in Moldova while urging the international community to stop Russia from its tracks.

Russia's potential occupation of Moldova simmers in February when its pro-Western government collapsed due to the cost-of-living crisis and the spillover effects of the raging war in neighboring Ukraine.

Last month, a consortium of journalists revealed a confidential document that showed Russia's plan to destabilize Moldova and derail its ambitions to join the transatlantic alliance.

The document, written by Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) Directorate for Cross-Border Cooperation, outlined a 10-year strategy to influence Moldova, including supporting pro-Russian politicians.

The secret Russian plan also revealed its long-term goals in Moldova, such as stirring negative views towards NATO and making the former Soviet republic heavily reliant on Russian gas.

Moldovan Defense Minister Anatolie Nosatii said his country is facing a "hybrid warfare generated by Russia," which undermines Moldova's national security.

Nosatii accused Russia of spreading disinformation and setting provocations to instill tensions inside Moldova.

The U.S. vowed to assist Moldova in stopping Russian interference against the eastern European country, such as sharing information to expose Russia's destabilization efforts.

Earlier this week, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz met with Moldovan President Maia Sandu to emphasize Germany's support for Moldova and discuss ways to thwart Russia's destabilization plans.

Scholz claimed that Moldova, which is vying to join the European Union, is "part of the European family," the Associated Press reported.

The E.U. also plans to support Moldova by sending a team of advisers to the country.

The "E.U. Partnership Mission in Moldova" is tasked to enhance Moldova's security sector in crisis management and counter hybrid threats and foreign interference, according to EUobserver.

The E.U. anti-coup mission is set to arrive in Moldova on May 22.

Moldovan national flags are seen in central Chisinau