Russian media claim that Ukraine is planning a new military mobilization. The secret documents were reportedly intercepted by the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic during its reconnaissance of Ukraine.

According to the DPR, the new mobilization plan will increase the strength of the Ukrainian army by recruiting more troops and the conscription age will be reduced to 16.

The new plan will also extend the service term for an indefinite period; this will supposedly affect all troops who were previously recruited. TASS reported that extension of the service term was connected to a threat to Ukraine’s national security.

A military order has supposedly been signed by the military commissar of the Kharkiv region. All admirals, sergeants, generals, warrant officers, reserve sailors and soldiers residing in the Kharkiv region are obliged to attend assemblies after they receive the notice.

Secondary schools and institutions of higher education must submit a list of students who are between ages 16 and 22 years of age. According to the DPR’s Defense Ministry, similar orders have been issued in all regions in Ukraine. Those are expected to come into effect in late August 2015.

Dmytriy Yarosh, the leader of Ukraine’s Right Sector movement, urged a referendum on the current Ukraine government and its actions.

“The first thing is no confidence in the ruling power, in all branches of power; people should express their attitude about what’s going on in the state,” Novorossia quoted Yarosh as saying. “A total and all-embracing blockade of the occupied territories is necessary.”

About 6,000 Right Sector activists were estimated to have taken part in a rally at Kiev’s Independence Square.