Medvedev and Putin
Medvedev and Putin REUTERS/RIA Novosti

Just two months after a video clip showing Russian president Dmitry Medvedev’s disastrous attempt of trying to dance at a party, a fresh video has shown how the Russian president nearly ploughed a self-driven jeep into a crowd.

The latest video portrayed President Medvedev, 45, who forgot to put the jeep’s handbrake on.

The video, which went viral in Russia, has sparked numerous political debates among amused internet users globally. The president was later spotted walking out of the vehicle in dark sunglasses.

Who is this guy to hold the reins of a country if he cannot even drive a car, commented a user in YouTube named BalticStatesAcademy.

The black jeep stopped after it suddenly rolled in the direction of the gathering. A “careful!” shout was heard as women screamed and people quickly tried to move out of the way of the dangerously advancing jeep, the Telegraph reported

Previously, Vladimir Putin, Russia’s second president and current prime minister, was ridiculed by internet users for his photograph where he was stripped to his waist while on a fishing trip.

The current president’s rash driving video was recently removed from YouTube.

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