Sami Zayn, The Bloodline, WWE
Sami Zayn (center) helped The Bloodline pull off the victory against the Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens in the main event of Survivor Series WarGames on November 26, 2022. WWE


  • Sami Zayn proved his loyalty to The Bloodline at Survivor Series: WarGames
  • Zayn and Jey Uso finally buried the hatchet after months of animosity
  • WWE fans are already waiting to see where The Bloodline's storyline can go.

WWE pulled off another stellar pay-per-view event with the recently-concluded Survivor Series: War Games pay-per-view, and the biggest winners coming out of it are Sami Zayn, the entire Bloodline faction, and pro wrestling fans.

Zayn's inclusion into the faction was a sour point for some fans as the direction of the group would have to accommodate the former NXT Champion's goofy personality.

But to everyone's surprise, it worked to perfection and has since become the pro wrestling world's most awaited storyline as they watch on a weekly basis the interaction between Zayn, Solo Sikoa, WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns, and Undisputed Tag Team Champions The Usos–particularly with Jey Uso.

The younger of the Uso twins has been the one to give Zayn the hardest time among all members of the faction as he is wary of keeping their family ties together and is completely unwelcome of anyone who would dare to enter the faction.

Zayn has constantly been doing his best to get his trust while he is already in good standing with his older brother Jimmy Uso, Reigns, SIkoa, and to some extent, special adviser Paul Heyman.

Entering the Survivor Series WarGames pay-per-view, the growing rift between Jey Uso and Zayn was front and center as Owens had been trying to test Zayn's loyalty to the group prior to the event.

Zayn, the outsider eventually dubbed as the "Honorary Uce," was handpicked by Reigns to be the team's second entrant and be Uso's partner before the match officially began.

He showed his loyalty to the faction early on after saving almost every member of the faction at least once while preventing Owens' side from winning with a beautiful spot on preventing the referee from counting the pin.

Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, WWE
Sami Zayn (right) prevented the referee from counting the pinfall that Kevin Owens (left) had on Roman Reigns at Survivor Series WarGames on November 26, 2022. WWE

Jimmy sought to interject himself with a superkick on Owens, but "The Prizefighter" caught it and Zayn rushed to save his teammate with a low blow on the man he had spent a massive chunk of his career on the independent scene with.

In an act to solidify his loyalties, Zayn delivered his helluva kick finisher on Owens before catching Owens and offering him up to the younger Uso for the splash and eventual three-count.

The spot where Zayn caught Owens was a momentous callback to their Battleground 2016 and showed that "The Master Tactician" had never forgotten Owens' many instances of backstabbing him during their time together, with WWE fans remembering their NXT moment the most.

As the Bloodline stood victorious, Zayn finally got the approval of the younger Uso brother as they hugged out their animosities inside the ring as fans roared in approval as the Bloodline stood united.

But as pro wrestling fans are wont to do, the question now is how WWE will book the eventual split as good things simply do not last forever in the industry.

After everything these characters have gone through, WWE fans are already bracing themselves for when it inevitably happens, which is likely set for WrestleMania season.

WWE is milking this faction and its storyline to perfection without overdoing it, and fans have eaten up every little interaction they have had with one another.

Zayn's star has risen to heights that it has rarely reached since moving to the main roster and only the creative team and the company's higher-ups will know how high it can still go as a member of the Bloodline.

Roman Reigns, The Bloodline, WWE
Roman Reigns leads The Bloodline to their WarGames match in the main event of Survivor Series on November 26, 2022. WWE