An entourage member of Sarah Jessica Parker's had reportedly shoplifted a pair of designer sunglasses from an airport shop in Oslo, Norway Wednesday. 

Parker was in Oslo to host the Nobel Peace Prize concert that took place Tuesday. The concert included performances from Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Hudson, according to the Daily Mail
As they boarded a United flight from Oslo, bound for New York, Parker and her party were confronted by police, TMZ reports. 
An airport shop owner had accused the person of shoplifting the glasses and the flight was delayed as the issue was resolved. An on-the-spot settlement of $1,400 was paid to the shop owner before Parker and her party finally boarded the flight and it took off without further incident. 
The person was initially believed to be Parker's assistant, until a source told TMZ that the alleged shoplifter was not employed by Parker, but was rather a Nobel Peace Prize employee, and traveling with the actress as part of her entourage.
Later, the Nobel Institute contacted TMZ to set the record straight that the person was not associated with the organization. 
"This individual (the shoplifter) is NOT an employee of and has no connection to the Nobel Institute, which awards the Peace Prize and presents the Peace Prize Concert," the Nobel Institute told the gossip site. 
"She is a freelance make-up artist who was contracted by an outside agency that specialized in that area."