The attractive woman wearing glasses and a red suit at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) may have looked like Sarah Palin, but it was actually Palin look-alike Patti Lyons.

According to CNN, Lyons, who calls herself the world's premier Sarah Palin impressionist, walked around the conference floor and attracted a lot of attention from television cameras, reporters, and some Conservative attendees who thought she was Palin.

When a group of college-aged Republicans (who had swarmed her) realized she wasn‘t Palin, they asked for her autograph anyway.

According to Lyons’ website (, she is a “world class impressionist and former businesswoman best known for her remarkable portrayal of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.”

Her biography also said that “prior to entering show business, Patti spent more than a decade as an award-winning corporate sales and marketing professional, an experience that enables her to entertain and motivate corporate America. After graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a business degree in Marketing and a minor in computers, Patti quickly rose to the top 10% of the global sales force for Federal Express.”

The real Palin told CPAC organizers last week that she would not be able to attend the annual gathering.