U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden
U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden Reuters

The Secret Service is back in an unwelcome spotlight after reports surfaced Thursday that agents assigned to Vice President Joe Biden's security detail last year engaged in a bar brawl in Nantucket, Mass., that eventually spilled over into the streets.

The incident took place while Biden and his family were on vacation last Thanksgiving. This is the latest incident to cast a shadow over the elite organization since the start of the year. Prior to Fox News' revelation of the bar brawl on Thursday, a dozen Secret Service members were implicated in a prostitution scandal in Colombia that took place in April, when President Barack Obama was visiting Cartagena for a summit. Many were forced to resign because of the misconduct.

The reports obtained by Fox News revealed that the punch-up happened in the early morning of Nov. 24, 2011, among a United States Secret Service agent, a Massachusetts State Police bomb technician who was assigned to Biden, and three U.S. Air Force personnel. The latter didn't know the others were a part of Biden's security team. They thought the men were local cops. But the Secret Service agent and his other friends knew that the airmen were assigned to work with Biden.

The incident left the men with visible injuries, according to the incident report from the Nantucket Police Department, which also showed alcohol was involved.

Here's the full account of what happened that night, as stated in the report:

The airmen, Lucas Wiemer, John Tran and Michael Valeich, walked into the posh resort island's police station that day to report that they were assaulted by members of the Nantucket Police Department at the Rose and Crown night club.

They told police the men began to question them about the pictures they were taking and became aggressive. It was later learned that one of the people allegedly becoming aggressive was State Trooper Eric Bomb Squad Gahagan, who was sharing a dance with female Secret Service Agent Yumi Kim. They were out with Secret Service Agent Jonathan Dawes.

Tran told police that Gahagan asked if the men were taking pictures of him, and they said they weren't. Gahagan then turned to Valeich and said, I don't like you, and added, I'll kick all three of your asses.

Tran responded, Hey, nothing is going on here, nothing's happening.

Gahagan then shoved a seated Valeich and continued to attack him with several punches to the head. Tran and Wiemer tried to restrain Gahagan, but Dawes jumped in, grabbed Wiemer and said, Keep your friend off him.

Wiemer then got punched in the jaw by Dawes.

A bouncer interrupted the fight and escorted both Gahagan and Dawes out of the premises through the front door while Gahagan yelled, Don't go back to your hotel. We know where you are staying.

The three airmen left the establishment through the back and headed to their hotel, the Brass Lantern, some two blocks away. Realizing they hadn't paid their tab, they decided to return to the establishment to clear the bill and then head back to their hotel. But as luck would have it, the three men ran into Gahagan, Dawes and Kim at an intersection.

Gahagan approached the airmen again, still asking if pictures were taken of him and Kim. The accused denied it. But Gahagan then punched Valeich in the face, and then hit Wiemer several times when the latter ttried to stop the second attack on his friend.

Kim, Valeich and Dawes then began yelling at each other while Wiemer and Gahagan were both on the ground scuffling. Kim, who attempted to break up the fight was hit, and screamed, He hit me!

Gahagan and Dawes then retaliated by attacking Valeich. Wiemer got bruised over the eye and the fight ended with both parties going their separate ways. Or did it? Gahagan then yelled an insult or threat that the group ignored, but the airmen heard footsteps approaching and turned to see Gahagan charging at them. He headed for Valeich, and then the others separated the two.

My head was spinning, Valeich told police of the beatdown he received in the second attack.

I didn't hit her - I was just trying to get away, he added, saying he remembered Kim yelling that he struck her.

Based on the description the Nantucket police were given, they knew none of their own officers were involved. They were able to narrow it down to members of Biden's security detail, and were later informed that Kim and Dawes were a part of that team.

Kim was later questioned by police and said Dawes and Gahagan told her the men were taking pictures of her, and she was bothered by it. Kim said Gahagan told her the men were part of Biden's detail and that they were staying at the Brass Lantern, the same hotel where he was staying. She said they were escorting Gahagan toward the hotel when the second altercation took place.

When Dawes was interviewed later he was arrested as a suspect in an assault and battery case. When asked if he knew his rights Dawes replied, Of course I know my rights - I'm an investigator.

The bouncer told police he was bothered by the incident because both Gahagan and Dawes were bigger that the three men they attacked. He also felt Gahagan and Dawes were acting like bullies, according to the report.

Fox News reported that Secret Service Special Agent in Charge Steven Ricciardi said no one involved would take part in the investigation. Cops dropped the case.

Nantucket Deputy Police Chief Charles Gibson told FoxNews.com, No charges or further investigation on Nantucket was done after Nantucket Police investigation. Complainants declined to pursue charges.

He added that there were case referrals to the Massachusetts State Police, U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Air Force.

Gahagan was removed from Biden's detail the next day and the case is still under investigation, Massachusetts State Police spokesman Dave Procopio told Fox News. Procopio said he will face disciplinary action.

The Secret Service also told the news network that it was made aware of the incident when it happened and no criminal charges were filed.