Sergiy Derevyanchenko tried to copy Canelo Alvarez’s style when he fought Gennady Golovkin.

On Saturday, Golovkin regained title as he defeated Derevyanchenko in a controversial 12-round battle. In the very first round, Golovkin already scored a knockdown on Derevyanchenko. However, the knockdown seemed to wake up a sleeping lion, and turned the fight against “GGG.” Evidently, after being knocked down, Derevyanchenko fought a lot harder until the 12th round.

After Golovkin’s victory, Canelo Alvarez, the name of his nemesis was once again brought up. In fact, even during the fight, someone close to Golovkin already that it was Canelo who was fighting his boxer.

According to Golovkin’s promoter Eddie Hearn, Derevyanchenko fought with all his might and apparently, used the same strategy Canelo used against Golovkin, Boxing News 24 noted.

“And he tried to follow the blueprints from the second Canelo fight,” Hearn said about Derevyanchenko evidently fighting Golovkin on the inside.

Derevyanchenko’s promoter Lou DiBella on the other hand, thinks that Canelo will change his mind and be eager to face Golovkin in a trilogy fight. As per DiBella, after Golovkin struggled to win, it is very likely that Canelo will now consider a rubbermatch.

“Canelo probably licking his chops right now,” DiBella said.

After all, Hearn believes that Golovkin’s issue with Canelo is a different thing. The promoter insisted that the Kazakh warrior proved to everybody that he is still a top-level fighter by fighting his way to victory against Derevyanchenko, Fight Hub TV reported.

“I know Gennady showed a lot of toughness in the Canelo fights, but he showed a huge amount of character tonight, because he came back and won the championship rounds tonight when it looked like it might be slipping away,” Hearn said about Golovkin’s win.

Hearn even revealed that Golovkin has been sick coming into the fight. Although it was not that serious, Golovkin’s flu was confirmed to Hearn when the fight has already started.

“He’s been tipped beyond the weather all week. Just like a virus. I wouldn’t classify it as that. It wasn’t quite as serious. Somebody else told me out of our camp. It was confirmed to me during the 1st round of the fight actually,” Hearn revealed.

In Golovkin’s case, aside from the fact that Canelo claims that their rivalry is finished, he is likely to face his mandatory due to the standard for the sanctioning bodies to order a mandatory defense for a champion after they win a vacant title.

Gennady GGG Golovkin
Gennady Golovkin and Floyd Mayweather might have the biggest boxing fights of 2017. Pictured: Golovkin looks on against Daniel Jacobs during their fight at Madison Square Garden on March 18, 2017 in New York City. Getty Images