• A bag stuffed with severed human body parts were discovered by teenagers in north Dublin
  • Two arms and a leg were found in the bag
  • The head and torso of the victim are missing 

Gardai are spearheading an operation on the severed body parts that were discovered by teenagers in north Dublin.

Two arms and a leg were reportedly found stuffed in a bag outside houses at the junction of Moatview Gardens and Drive in Coolock before 10:00 p.m., said The Sun UK.

Adding to the gruesome discovery is the missing head of the victim. It's location is still unknown, the outlet added.

police line
Representation image of a crime scene. Gerd Altmann/ Pixabay

No torso was also found with the appendages, according to MSN News.

The Dublin City Coroner and the State pathologist were called to the scene after the location where the body parts were found were cordoned and preserved.

Detectives are also trying to piece together how the bag containing the mutilated body parts was transported to the scene. In addition, officials are verifying reports that a vehicle dumped the bag and then fled the scene, said MSN News.

“It is very early days in the investigation but a find like this is very suspicious,” said The Sun UK, quoting its source.

As part of their investigation, Gardai will search the most recent cases of their missing person's database.

Prior to its discovery, a Garda vehicle was rammed by a vehicle during a pursuit, although it was unclear whether it was a diversion to deter police from the suspect vehicle.

Investigators were searching for the vehicle and its occupants.