Shaq Chokes Tow Man
In exchange for removing a boot from Shaquille O'Neal's car and waiving a $75 fee, Spence Beck received a starring role in one of his Instagram videos. Instagram

NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal had some fun with a tow man who put a “boot” on his truck.

Spence Beck, a tow man for ABC Booting, placed a “boot” on O’Neal’s truck outside of an Atlanta restaurant on Tuesday night, TMZ reports. A few hours later, Beck received a call, and immediately recognized O’Neal’s distinctive voice on the line.

According to Beck, O’Neal jokingly attempted to use his status as a law enforcement official to get the tow man to remove the boot. “I’m a U.S. Marshall, I need you to remove this boot,” O’Neal reportedly told Beck. The 41-year-old wasn’t lying; O’Neal was deputized as a sheriff in 2005 after assisting an FBI investigation into a ring of sexual predators, TMZ notes.

Beck cut a deal with O’Neal. According to TMZ, the tow man agreed to remove the boot from O’Neal’s truck and waive the associated $75 fine. In exchange, O’Neal agreed to allow Beck to “co-star” in one of his infamous Instagram videos.

The resulting Instagram video doesn’t disappoint. First, O’Neal announces the situation to his followers. “America, this is Spence Beck. He put a boot on my f---ing car,” the former NBA MVP said, drawing a laugh from Beck.

Next, Shaq “threatened” Beck. “I’m gonna kill you!” O’Neal said, before “choking” the tow man. Before long, both men were laughing. “They got me!” Shaq added.

Beck seemed pretty pleased with his handiwork. “I got Shaq!” he said after the “choking” scene.

O’Neal’s Instagram video can be viewed below.