He may be one of the reigning kings of snowboarding, but Shaun White is apparently ready to trade in his snowboard for a surfboard. The 26-year-old “Flying Tomato,” who has already won 24 combined X Game medals in snowboarding and skateboarding, is now apparently working on developing his surfing skills and purchased a California oceanfront pad to help him get serious.

White purchased his latest home in Encinitas, near San Diego, a 3,500-square-foot, three-bedroom, three-bathroom abode, for a reported $3.85 million, according to the Daily Mail. The home features floor-to-ceiling ocean views, a wraparound deck with a firepit that overlooks the water, and a private staircase for easy access to the beach below and the Pacific Ocean. While the purchase may seem like a splurge, White allegedly managed to knock $400,000 off the asking price before going ahead with the deal.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist is apparently so enamored with his new home that he’s already shot footage of himself reveling in the waves of his new backyard. In a video shot on a GoPro camera that he affixed to his surfboard, White hits the waves while explaining how he was introduced to surfing by his father.

“The day I actually first surfed, my dad got me a hard board and I’ll never forget 'cause it had the Tazmanian devil on the front,” White recalls in the video. “They sent me down a giant wave, and I just got tumbled immediately; came up for air, couldn’t get it, tumbled again, got tumbled, swirled again. I came up, finally got air, and right as I did the board hit me in the face.”

“I was like ‘this is really fun, can’t wait do this again,’” White adds, laughing. But apparently despite a tough time getting going with surfing, White has come to enjoy the sport, adding that he thinks people “underestimate” his proficiency.

View the video below for a peek at White’s “backyard surf sessions.”