Shoppers Drug Mart, Canada ’s largest chain of pharmacies is working with TruTrace Technologies to create a blockchain-powered system to trace cannabis supply chain. This partnership valued over $250,000 was announced at the World Cannabis Congress in New Brunswick, Canada. It will be a blockchain-powered pilot program to identify, track and verify the source and genetics of cannabis used by medical patients.

In January this year, Shoppers Drug Mart began selling medical marijuana through its online pharmacy, serving customers only in Ontario and Alberta. Ken Weisbrod, vice-president of Shoppers Drug Mart said in an official statement that their goal is to make it more like traditional medicine in order to reassure physicians and patients that the product is safe. “This is the future for medical cannabis in the world,” he explained. “I know the US is looking at what we are doing here, and its really important that we take this leadership stance.”

The Financial Post said TruTrace sees big opportunities for its track-and-trace software in the United States CBD market. 

Robert Galarza, TruTrace CEO said the push with Shoppers Drug Mart will lead into a similar relationship with the Walgreens and CVSs of the world. 

Galarza explained that blockchain record of medical marijuana will make consumption safer. He said TruTrace keeps a history of the entire cannabis supply chain. “This allows both customers and pharmacies to have 100% confidence in the products they are purchasing. The specific genetics of each marijuana variety are kept within a smart contract," he added that if people find pesticides, molds or other cancer-causing agents in a strain of marijuana, they can now track it back through the supply chain and back to the producer.

The pilot program is expected to complete by July 31. TruTrace will then implement it for Shoppers Drug Mart chain’s e-commerce platform by November.