13th century Kelburn Castle, located near Largs, Scotland was revamped in 2007 by a group of Brazilian Graffiti artists.

The artwork was commissioned by the Earl of Glasgow, Patrick Boyle, for 2,000 pounds in cooperation with the local Ayrshire Council.

The artwork was to be displayed for three years, at which point the castle was to return to its traditional state. However, three years have now past and Boyle can't stand to see the mural go.

The mural might look a bit outlandish and futuristic, but if it provokes interest and makes people smile, why shouldn't it stay, Boyle told BBC News.

Boyle has written to Historic Scotland asking for the mural to stay.

The mural was recently featured in designer and writer Tristan Manco's list of 10 best street art works, in The Guardian.

Have a look at the graffiti on Kelburn Castle below: