Scentee combines a device and an app that delivers scented message alerts. Scentee

Scentee wants to transform normal text alerts and make them mouth-watering. The tech company from Japan has created an app that allows for scented text message alerts, ranging from flowers to curry to strawberry. Meat lovers fret not as Scentee is working on a bacon scent and has a limited-edition Korean BBQ scent collection.

The Los Angeles Times reports Scentee’s app can send a variety of smells, including rose, mint, curry, jasmine, cinnamon roll, lavender, apple, strawberry and corn soup. The Korean BBQ scents feature two meat smells and a baked potato scent.

Scentee lets users receive scented alerts by combining a device that attaches to a smart phone’s headphone jack with an app, and the divce is compatible with a few iOS and Android devices. Scentee’s website notes, “Apps include scented notifications for emails and Facebook “Likes.” Even “Timer” scents that work with your phone clock alarm to ease you into the day with a favorite aroma.” The fragrances come in disposable cartridges ad Scentee says they are updating the available aromas. Each cartridge has about 100 uses and costs 525 Yen, approximately $5.32.

The device only comes in one color, white, and can be charged with the included micro USB cable. The Scentee device costs 2,654 Yen, about $37. Scentee can be used on any iPhone, starting with the iPhone 4s, iPad mini, iPad 2 and iPad 3. The only Android that’s currently compatible with Scentee is the GalaxySC-04E. The company plans on adding more scents and adaptability, letting users customize their scent experience.

The idea of knowing who texted you based on smell may seem appealing but it’s unclear if the device is more than just a novelty. The company hopes to change your mind and released a 10 minute trailer, describing the many ways scent can create strong impressions, that can be viewed below.