• Snoop Dogg is willing to take up UFC president Dana White on his $1 million wager and even wants to raise the stakes
  • White has yet to respond
  • Ben Askren is getting proper backing as he prepares for his April fight against YouTuber Jake Paul

YouTuber Jake Paul is set to face retired mixed martial arts fighter Ben Askren in April, with most not giving “Funky” much of a fighting chance. But some, including UFC president Dana White, believe that it would be foolish to underestimate the 36-year-old.

White is backing Askren and is willing to bet $1 million that “Funky” can overcome Paul when they face off in April. The UFC chief has not been impressed with the 24-year-old’s boxing career, something that most feel would be different if Paul faces someone who knew how to box.

In the eyes of White, Paul is just a “YouTube kid,” while Askren is a bonafide fighter. That said, the 51-year-old is so confident that Askren will win that he is willing to bet a million dollars on him.

It did not take long for White’s bet to reach the camp of Paul. Snoop Dogg caught wind of White’s bet and said he is open to taking up the UFC president on his wager. However, the rapper is so confident that he dared White to raise the stakes and double the amount.

"You say you got a million?! You’re the CEO of UFC. You got more than a million. Put up TWO. Put up $2 million and we’ll match it," Snoop said via his Instagram account.

It would be best to note that Paul also made a similar offer to White but the latter never responded. Snoop does have a point, stressing that being the CEO of the UFC that he does have the money to wager. So the question now is: will White take the bet or clam up?

As for the fight proper, Paul remains a favorite mainly because he has had a couple of official boxing fights. Most remember how he viciously knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson, something that sent shockwaves to the YouTube and sporting world.

Askren is a mixed martial artist but is getting help from people in the boxing world. That includes Manny Pacquiao’s famed trainer Freddie Roach, Miguel Cotto and Amir Khan. Hence, it all depends if these will be enough to boost the stock of Askren.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg on Aug. 28, 2015, in Beverly Hills, California. Getty Images