Cloud Shootout: iCloud vs Google Music Beta digital locker vs Amazon Cloud Drive vs Microsoft Sky Drive

Technology giant Apple’s one-stop cloud-based photo, video, music and data back up and push out service iCloud has generated a lot of interest and Apple has even held back the launch of its new MacBook Air and other products so that it could bundle iCloud with all future product launches. But does iCloud have what it takes to beat Google Music Beta digital locker, Amazon Cloud Drive, Microsoft Sky Drive?

How Using iCloud Differs from Other Music Services

Apple Inc. (AAPL) Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs officially unveiled new cloud service iCloud, which stores music and other files online and keep devices synchronized wirelessly, at the 2011 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) on Monday.

3 Reasons why Apple iCloud is not great?

Apple for a change has turned its back on its secretive ways and has openly confessed, prior to its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), that it will be launching its highly anticipated cloud offering- iCloud.

Google I/O Day 1: An array of Android variety on show

A gamut of releases at Google I/O conference shows that Google is attempting on one hand to plug existing loopholes in the Android platform, is adding new cloud-services to pre-empt Apple and is outlining its future vision in that it wants Android to become a multi-device OS.

Industrywide digital locker beta to launch in fall

A consortium of 55 entertainment and technology giants hoping to standardize digital formats for video playback said on Monday it will start beta testing in the fall as it added two more companies to its ranks and unveiled its brand name, Ultraviolet.

Google Wave Beta Testing Begins

Google began the public testing of Google wave, with 100,000 people invited into the testing phase, each of which can invite up to five people to join in on the testing.

Red Hat KVM virtualization goes Beta

Red Hat on Thursday said it has begun its beta testing on its new Qumranet's KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) based hypervisor enterprise virtualization products, set to launch later this year.

Windows 7 offers downgrades; Poll shows beta testers approve of new OS

Early ratings from beta testers of Windows 7 showed that users were four times more satisfied with Microsoft's new OS compared to Vista's early users, according to a poll of corporate IT professionals. The software firm has also agreed to allow Windows 7 customers to downgrade not just to Vista but also to XP.