South Korean weightlifter Jaehyouk Sa had to pull out of men's 77kg competition in the London Olympics at the ExCeL auditorium Wednesday after his right elbow got dislocated while attempting to lift 162kg.

Sa, the defending Olympic champion in the men's 77kg category, successfully lifted 158kg (348.33 lbs) in his first attempt. But while trying to push it up to 162kg (357.15 lbs) in his second attempt, the 27-year-old could not get out of the squatting position and his right arm buckled at the elbow, the Daily Mail reported.

After Sa fell down to the floor, screaming out in tremendous pain, officials rushed to him and escorted him from the venue. He was taken to hospital thereafter.

"Korean weightlifter Sa Jaehyouk injured his right arm in the middle of a lift. Fell to the floor screaming in pain," tweeted Ryan Macouver a sportscaster explaining Sa's injury.

Following Sa's disaster, China's Lu Xiaojun smashed two world records to win the competition. He lifted 175 kilograms in the snatch and 204 kilograms in the second half of the competition, finishing with a total of 379 kilograms, which was a world record.

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