Elgin Baylor, a former 11-time NBA All-Star, has heaped praise on Steph Curry after first admitting LeBron James is the player he most likes to watch in the NBA today.

The former Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers star was on ESPN’s “The Jump” when he was asked about his current favorite player. Baylor, who helped lead the Lakers to eight NBA Finals during his career, mentioned the two most iconic players of the current generation.

He named Cleveland Cavaliers’ James and the Golden State Warriors star point guard Curry as the two players he loves to watch. The 83-year-old went on to heap praise on the two-time MVP and suggested the world may never see anybody shoot like Curry ever again.

The Warriors point guard is currently sidelined with a grade two MCL sprain to his left knee as his team negotiate their way past the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs. Curry is not expected to return until after the first round of playoffs, but despite his injury he is reportedly set to travel with the team to San Antonio for the third game of the best of seven series.

The 30-year-old has been ever present in the rise of the Warriors as one of the best teams in NBA at the moment with the reigning champions looking to make it to a fourth straight final.

Curry’s team beat James’ Cavaliers in the final in 2017, having lost to the same opponents in 2016. The two are amongst the best players in the sport at the moment, but Baylor, who holds NBA Finals single-game record for most points (61) against the Boston Celtics in 1962, could not stop praising the Warriors star, labeling him a ‘freak of nature.’

“A player I like to watch the most is LeBron James,” Baylor said during an appearance on ESPN’s The Jump.” “But also Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors.”

“It’s impossible that someone shoot like that. I have never seen anyone shoot like that in my life. That guy [Curry] is unbelievable, it’s something special. I don’t care where he is, he just comes gets it and flicks it up there and nothing but net, he doesn’t get no lucky bounces or anything like that,” the 11-time NBA All-Star said. “It’s just amazing and the thing about it is he is a very unselfish player. He gives the ball to his teammates too and gets a lot of assists and everything else.”

“I mean it’s just ‘I’d say a freak of nature’ and I don’t think we will ever see anybody shoot like Curry ever again. It’s just incredible, it’s like he has a magnet on the ball. I would have loved to have him on my team,” the former Lakers player added praising Curry further.