Cases of sexually transmitted infections, including syphilis and gonorrhea, are on the rise amons bisexuals and gays in England, says a recent report by Public Health England.

According to the report, a sharp increase has been reported by PHE, including a 32 percent increase in the cases of gonorrhea, 26 percent in chlamydia and 46 percent increase in syphilis.

The report attributed the increase in STIs to greater levels of condomless sex. In addition, it says that such infections get transmitted to HIV-positive men more readily. PHE has recommended regular STI testing in at-risk people.

Even though the overall number of STIs across all the groups in England fell by 0.3 percent in the year 2014, the public health officials are worried about its increase occurrence among men who have sex with men.

Among all the worries, control and management of gonorrhea seems to be the biggest one. One of its strains is completely resistant to antibiotics and is nearly impossible to treat.

"We are particularly concerned about the large rise in diagnoses among gay men. Health promotion and education to increase risk awareness and encourage safer sexual behavior remain the cornerstones of STI prevention,” said Dr. Gwenda Hughes of the PHE, in a statement.

"Ensuring easy access to sexual health services and STI screening is a vital component in the control of STIs," Hughes said, adding that control of STIs and the reduction in the STI infection should be made the first public health priority across the nation.