Subaru (FUJHY) is recalling a series of 2019 vehicles for faulty weld issues that could compromise the body strength and increase the risk of injury during a crash. Included in the recall are 1,965 Outback and 142 Legacy models, Auto Blog reported.

The faulty welds are reportedly located on the duct below the cowl panel, which could compromise the integrity of the vehicle. The Outbacks and Legacys were produced from May 31 and June 6, 2019, according to Subaru.

“During the manufacturing process at the supplier’s factory, the spot-welder tip is cleaned and re-shaped by a dresser (grinding machine),” Subaru told the news outlet. “During production of potentially affected parts, the grinding machine may have been blocked by excess metal chips/powder, thus reducing the effectiveness of the welder.”

Subaru reportedly was notified of the issue when a body-shop employee noticed the faulty weld issue on June 6. An internal investigation was started, and a recall was then issued.

Vehicle owners that have a recalled vehicle have a number of options to alleviate the issue. They can exchange the car, allow Subaru to buy it back, or return it to a Subaru dealer for extensive repairs.

This is not the first recall from Subaru for weld issues. Last year, the company recalled the Ascent SUV because it was missing a number of spot welds on the B-pillar, which could weaken the vehicle structure. According to Subaru, the company planned to destroy all 293 Ascents affected by the recall.

Subaru said most of the Outbacks and Legacys had not reached a dealer yet. Subaru told Auto Blog that a recall notice will be arriving by mail for 2019 Outback and Legacy owners.

Shares of Subaru stock were down 1.85 percent as of 10:40 a.m. ET on Tuesday.