Sugar Ray Leonard has shared some interesting thoughts about competition and being world champion.

Leonard is one of the few boxing greats who were able to dominate and compete at multiple divisions. During his prime, Leonard was considered as a superhuman with his incredibly frightening speed and power. He has managed to utilize his boxing skills and became one of the greatest to ever step inside the ring.

Last month, at the Becker's ASC Review 26th Annual Meeting in Chicago, Leonard delivered a compelling speech about his career in boxing and the steps he took to become a world champion.

The legend made an interesting comparison about how determination and “GPS” work in his respective sport, Becker’s ASC reported.

"Your dreams are your GPS toward success and drives your determination,” Leonard said.

“Determination is what turns every single one of us into winners. No one is born a world champion, just like no one is born a brain surgeon," Leonard pointed out.

It was also revealed in the speech that when Leonard was training to take on undisputed middleweight champion Marvelous Marvin Hagler, he put in what he calls the hard "roadwork." As per Leonard, roadwork is putting in extra work to get the results that will help you reach your goals.

"For me, it was getting up for a run at 5 a.m. For you all, it could be getting to work an hour early, or leaving two hours later," Leonard revealed.

Leonard also noted that through practicing roadwork, competition can be clinched.

"The more you do the roadwork, the easier it will be to do. Your competition is not making those sacrifices," Leonard stated.

Earlier in October, Leonard also revealed another interesting story about his career. The 63-year-old boxing icon disclosed the very first question the great Muhammad Ali asked him when they finally met each other back in the day.

Based on his recollection, while he was still stunned by Ali’s presence, he was even more shocked when Ali asked him about how he manages his sex life when preparing for a fight.

“'You like boxing?’ I said ‘yes sir.’ Then he said ’How long do you wait before you having sex before a fight?’ He said ‘do you like sex?’ I said ‘sometimes’, ’How long do you wait(stop having sex) before a fight? I said ‘a couple of days.’ He said ‘You’re a bad dude, you’re a bad dude,’” Leonard recalled.

Sugar Ray Leonard Former boxer Sugar Ray Leonard poses with his wife Bernadette Robi (3rd R) and family at the premiere of "Real Steel" in Los Angeles October 2, 2011. Photo: REUTERS