Super Bowl XLIX is just around the corner. Time to get game day ready. Creative Commons

Game day is all about watching the NFL’s leading teams face off for the title of Super Bowl XLIX champion, but a little friendly competition off the field can be fun, too. Throwing a Super Bowl party of your own? Here are seven football-themed party game ideas for bringing Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots fans together on Sunday, if only for a few laughs and some beer.

Super Bowl pop quiz. Think you’re a game day know-it-all? How about putting that knowledge to the test? Simply print out enough copies of this game day prop pool from Print Your Brackets to pass it out to all your guests. Questionnaires must be filled out and turned in before the start of the game. Right answers get one point and the person with the most points at the end of the Super Bowl, wins!

The Super Bowl commercial rating game. For those people whose interests are more aligned with what airs between the plays, the Super Bowl commercial rating game could be the answer to game-day partying. The game requires a bit more preparation, but the outcome is well worth the time. Let your approval or disgust be seen, not just heard! You can find printable rating cards here. Affix to Popsicle sticks or tongue depressors and you’re all set.

Super Bowl commercial Bingo. To take commercial viewing to the next level, try a little Super Bowl commercial Bingo. Printable game day Bingo cards can be found here, and consider offering prizes for first, second and third place.

Good old-fashioned game of touch football. Work up a sweat before the game with an organized round of touch football on the lawn. Invite friends over early, divide into teams, grab the pigskin and get playing. Here are official touch football rules, courtesy of the Rochester Park and Recreation Department in Minnesota.

Don’t say it! This one’s bound to keep party guests on their toes. Pick a word that guests are barred from saying, and choose an appropriate penalty (may we suggest Jell-O shots?) for when that word gets used. The more common the word – “football,” “game,” “touchdown” or “beer” – the more fun to be had.

The Super Bowl hat game. Two teams, three rounds and tons of fun. The Super Bowl hat game is all about teamwork. Start by dividing guests into teams of five. Have each person write down five football-related words or phrases on five separate strips of paper. Then place all the pieces of paper into a hat or bowl and mix them around.

Round 1: Guests take turns pulling words from the hat and have one minute to get their team to guess the word or phrase on the paper, without using the word or phrase. Pass the hat or bowl to the next team, and keep the pace going until the hat or bowl is empty. Keep track of how many answers each team correctly guesses within the time limit.

Round 2: Place all the strips of paper back into the hat. Now, players will silently act out the word or phrase, again trying to get their team to guess what they’re looking at. Each player gets one minute to get his or her team to guess the right answer. Keep passing the hat around between teams until the hat is empty again. Keep track of how many answers each team correctly guesses within the time limit.

Round 3: Place the strips back into the hat. Now, players can only give one-word hints – that’s it! As in rounds two and one, keep passing the hat between teams after each answer is either guessed or time runs out. The team with the most correctly guessed answers after all three rounds, wins!

Super Bowl beer brawl. This is the ultimate game day tasting test. Have guests bring various craft beers and host a blind beer taste competition. For rules, click here.