Super bowl womens outfits
Hats are one way to show your team spirit during Super Bowl XLIX. Check out these other ideas to get into the game. Reuters

The Super Bowl is one of the most social TV events of the year, so it makes sense that people want to dress up to support their team at game-viewing parties and gatherings. While sporting goods stores typically move the men’s Super Bowl clothing up front around this time of year, women might have to search a little harder for their perfect game-day outfit. Luckily, there are plenty of Super Bowl XLIX clothing options for female fans of the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. Below are six outfit ideas for women ahead of the 2015 Super Bowl, set for Sunday, Feb. 1 in Phoenix.

Sparkle - If you’re looking for a little sparkle on game day, many Super Bowl shirts for women have rhinestones or sequins. The NFL Shop sells a Victoria's Secret PINK rhinestone Patriots Fan shirt ($25.99) and a Seahawks shirt with a rhinestone logo ($34.85).

Preppy - Just because you’re watching TV all day doesn’t mean you have to wear sweats. Modell’s has Patriots polos and Seahawks polos ($34.95 each) for those who want to keep it classy during the 2015 Super Bowl.

Women’s jersey - Jerseys are typically made for men, so women who want something a little more fitted have to search specifically for women’s jerseys. Dick’s Sporting Goods has a few women’s jerseys available for each team. Patriots fans can buy Brady ($95), Gronkowski ($95) or Mayo ($69.97). Seahawks fans have a choice between Lynch ($95) and Sherman ($95).

DIY Jersey - Jerseys are expensive, so a do-it-yourself jersey is definitely a money saver. To make your own, start off by buying a plain T-shirt and fabric markers in your favorite team's colors. These can be found at any art supply store. The Seahawks’ colors are dark blue, bright green and silver. The Patriots' colors are blue, red and silver. Both use blue as the main color in their home jerseys. However, if you go with the dark T-shirt, be sure to find fabric markers that will show up on the dark fabric, or alternatively, use fabric paint. Customize the jersey with your favorite player's name and number --and if you really don’t trust your handwriting, stores like A.C. Moore and Michael’s have iron-on letters in a variety of sizes.

Shop your closet - Maybe you’re not willing to shell out money for an outfit that you’re probably not going to wear for another year. If you want to make your Super Bowl outfit budget-friendly, just wear your team's colors. For the Seahawks, wear blue and green. If you’re rooting for the Patriots, wear red, white and blue. If you wear blue jeans, you’ll already have some team colors covered.

Other - If you’re just attending a Super Bowl party for the beer and chicken wings, you can pretend you know what’s going on in a Super Bowl shirt that represents both teams ($34.95). If you don’t want to represent any teams, Lady Fanatics has a purple rhinestone Super Bowl XLIX jersey ($49.95) as well. If you’re only around for the halftime show, go for a Katy Perry shirt ($6.25 to $55).

Super Bowl XLIX airs Sunday, Feb. 1, on NBC. Kickoff is at 6:30 p.m. EST.