A 41-year-old Berlin high school teacher went on trial Tuesday for allegedly killing a man he met on an online dating platform and then eating his body parts.

The body parts of the victim — a 44-year-old power line technician — were found scattered in different areas of the city with some still not found. Prosecutors said the suspect had "sadistic-cannibalistic sexual motivation for the crime."

The crime allegedly took place in September 2020. The victim was reported missing by his roommates.

The defendant requested to only be referred to by "Stefan R."

Prosecutors have evidence that Stefan R's username on the dating website was “Masterbutcher79,” which has been admitted to court.

“The accused killed the victim because he sought sexual satisfaction through the killing and wanted to eat parts of the corpse,” the prosecution alleged on the first day of hearings.

German police spent weeks searching for the remaining parts of the victim's body before they were able to find some bones, according to German news site Der Spigel. Once bones were found, sniffer dogs were able to lead police to Stefan R’s apartment and arrest him.

During the hearing, Stefan R reportedly stayed silent. He also hid his face from cameras with a file for the whole trial.

Stefan R is facing life in prison.

Prosecutors are using repeated Google searches against the defendant alleging that he searched the term "cannibalism" multiple times and was a member of online “cannibal forums.”