Fans of Taco Bell are enraged after hearing some of the fast food chains have a delay on its latest Locos Tacos flavor, Cool Ranch Doritos, while others who have tried the new taco complained about the taste.

The concept was first introduced back in January, scheduled to be rolled out on March 7, according to a report in February when Taco Bell made an official announcement. However, Taco Bell wrote on its Facebook page this week that it would begin selling the new Cool Ranch Doritos tacos, for $1.39, a day early, beginning on Wednesday, March 6.

Many fans, excited for the early date, were disappointed to learn that their local Taco Bell did not have the highly anticipated menu item on Wednesday. Fans swarmed the Taco Bell Facebook page with complaints, saying employees informed them that they didn’t have them until their official launch date on Thursday.

“I went to a Taco Bell on the way home from work yesterday to snag the new taco and the girl at the cash register didn't even know what I was talking about,” wrote Facebook user Chloé Stephens Trammel.

Elizabeth Michell Montero wrote, “I'm at one right now and I had to settle with the regular nacho dorritos for now:/ this sucks u should have said *ONLY IN LIMITED PARTICIPATING TACO BELLS.”

Another fan chimed in: "My Taco Bell doesn't have the cool ranch tacos today," wrote another. "How am I supposed to live mas if I can't get a cool ranch taco on the launch day?"

Taco Bell, which is owned by Louisville, Ky.-based Youm brands, issued a statement apologizing for the delay in some locations to ease the overwhelming amount of complaints on its Facebook page. The fast food chain assured fans it would have the new Doritos tacos available nationwide on Thursday.

“We love our fans! Sincere apologies if you couldn't buy#CoolRanchDLT early. We're working to have participating locations sell today,” Taco Bell wrote on Twitter.

The Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos will be sold for $1.39, just a bit more expensive than the regular $.99 tacos.

Worst of all, some fans are complaining the new taco doesn’t meet their expectations of taste, claiming it’s not seasoned enough.

“Disappointed ... I tried the Cool Ranch taco last night but it just tasted saltier. It didn't taste Cool Ranchy unless I licked the shell. Darn,” Facebook user Melis Sa wrote.

Brandon Lambert agreed, writing: “I agree with the others here, very very under seasoned. I got two and I might as well have gotten two regular tacos. Eh, as long as the nacho cheese one isn't going anywhere then I'm fine.”

Meanwhile, musician Andrew W.K. doesn’t seem to mind the wait, or the taste.

“THE PARTIEST TACO DAY EVER! Buy #CoolRanchDLT today before the rest of America! #March6th I'm so psyched,” he wrote.

The Cool Ranch Doritos taco came after Taco Bell introduced the Nacho Cheese Doritos flavored taco in 2012. Many have said the Locos Tacos have been the most successful product of all time at Taco Bell, according to Restaurant News. The fast food chain reportedly sold more than 350 million Doritos Locos Tacos since it was unveiled in March 2012, accounting for 7 percent of all items sold at Taco Bells nationwide and giving the company a 13 percent boost in sales.