• Taiwanese Premier Su Tseng-chang has requested an investigation on speedskater Huang Yu-ting
  • The 33-year-old athlete wore China's Olympic uniform before the start of the Beijing Winter Games
  • Athletes competing in September's Asian Games in China will have to follow conduct guidelines

Taiwanese speedskater Huang Yu-ting is facing an investigation after posting a video on social media that showed her donning China's Olympic uniform.

Huang, 33, uploaded a now-deleted video on her Instagram account before the start of the Winter Games, which showed the speedskater dressed in the Chinese team's suit during a practice session leading up to the event.

In response to the video, Taiwanese Premier Su Tseng-chang has requested the Sports Administration — a branch of the country's Ministry of Education — to investigate Huang and determine whether or not the Olympian should be reprimanded for her "highly inappropriate" behavior, the Taipei Times reported, citing executive spokesperson Lo Ping-cheng.

Additionally, Su sought the establishment of a mechanism to regulate the behavior of Taiwan's athletes when they represent the country abroad.

"The athletes are competing for honors as Taiwan national team members. Their every move and comment is on display on the international stage, and they must act with discretion," the Taiwanese Premier was quoted as saying by Lo.

Due to disputes between Taiwan and China regarding the former's sovereignty, Taiwanese athletes participating in the Olympics are required by the International Olympic Committee to compete under the name "Chinese Taipei."

The office of President Tsai Ing-wen supported Su's decision, according to spokesperson Xavier Chang.

"National team members are pursuing individual honors while representing our nation at major sports events, and they must be prudent in their public statements and actions," Chang said in a statement.

Legislator Lin Chun-hsien, of the Democratic Progressive Party, called for an amendment Saturday to regulations governing athletes by adding a clause regarding "actions that damage the nation's honor,” which would be grounds for a Taiwanese athlete’s disqualification from the national team.

The Sports Administration announced Sunday that athletes who will compete in the Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou, China, in September will be given a set of rules to follow regarding conduct, a more recent report by the Taipei Times said.

Huang, who received backlash for her video, placed 26th in both 500-meter and 1,500-meter speedskating events in the Beijing Games. She also finished in 24th place in the 1,000-meter race.

The Olympian was supposed to take a flight to the United States following the closing of the Beijing Games Sunday for the upcoming world championship speedskating events.

2022 Beijing Olympics - Closing Ceremony - National Stadium, Beijing, China - February 20, 2022. Olympic and China flag are seen during the closing ceremony.
2022 Beijing Olympics - Closing Ceremony - National Stadium, Beijing, China - February 20, 2022. Olympic and China flag are seen during the closing ceremony. Reuters / SUSANA VERA