Numerous states offer sales tax-free weekends in August. Commonly exempt items include clothing, shoes and school supplies. Joe Raedle/Getty Images

August is one of the best months to purchase basic necessities like clothing, shoes and school supplies, and sometimes even appliances and hurricane preparedness items. Why? Eighteen states have weeks, weekends or days during the month of August when anyone can buy these essentials without having to pay sales tax, potentially saving bundles.

Read on to find out if your state has a tax-free weekend and what items it exempts. Dollar amounts in parentheses indicate the maximum cost for which an item can be tax-free. Most of the information below is courtesy of, and it's advisable to verify each state using the links provided.

Alabama: Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), computers ($750), school supplies ($50), books ($30)

Arkansas: Aug. 1-2, clothing ($100), school supplies (no limit listed)

Connecticut: Aug. 16-22, clothing and footwear ($100)

Florida: Aug. 7-16, cchool supplies (no limit listed), clothing ($100), supplies ($15), computers ($750)

Georgia: July 31 - Aug.1, school supplies (no limit listed), clothing ($100), supplies ($20), computers ($1,000)

Numerous states have tax-free weekends in August, where customers do not pay sales tax on certain basic items, such as school supplies and clothing. Creative Commons

Iowa: Aug. 7-8, clothing ($100)

Louisiana: Aug. 7-8 All Tangible Personal Property, which usually refers to stuff that you could take with you somewhere, such as furniture, art, clothing and household items ($2,500)

Maryland: Aug. 9-15, clothing and footwear ($100)

Mississippi: July 31 - Aug. 1, clothing and footwear ($100)

Missouri: Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), computers ($3,500), school supplies ($50)

New Mexico: Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), computers ($1,000), computer equipment ($500), school supplies ($30)

Ohio: Aug. 7-9, clothing ($75), school supplies ($20), instructional material ($20)

Oklahoma: Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100)

South Carolina: Aug. 7-9, clothing (no limit listed), school supplies (no limit listed), computers (no limit listed)

Tennessee: Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), school supplies ($100), computers ($1,500)

Texas: Aug. 7-9, clothing, backpacks and school supplies ($100)

Virginia: Aug. 7-9, clothing ($100), school supplies ($20), energy star products ($2,500), hurricane preparedness items ($60), generators ($1,000)